As the cleaning business becomes increasingly automated, floor scrubbers have become an important part of day-to-day work. Everyone has a floor cleaning machine, which is slowly replacing the old mop and bucket. Why? Because for example, there are special needs in places like schools and hospitals where floors should not only look clean but also be cleaned properly.

This change to how the floors are cleaned has made the process go faster and the results better. Floor scrubbers clean and dry the floor so it can be used immediately. Also, the squeegees pick up the dirty residue and store it in the machines’ recovery tanks, so it doesn’t end up on the floor as it does with a mop.

But there are many brands and types of warehouse floor scrubber rental on the market, and it can be hard to choose the best one. Because of this, you should think about the following important points before you buy a floor scrubber.

Floor area

Take your time to carefully think about all the places you could use the floor scrubber. Think about how big the area is, how big it can be cleaned, and if there are hallways, ramps, and doors. This will tell you if you need a small walk-behind scrubber dryer or a larger ride-on scrubber dryer. For example, Comac’s Innova line can be used in various settings and meet various needs.

Type of Floor

Hard floor or floor with carpet? If you have to clean a hard floor, is it made of concrete, porcelain tile, or hardwood? For example, if you have a wood floor, you should choose a scrubber with a dosing system, like the CDS-Comac Dosing system. This option lets you change how the solution flows so that the floor doesn’t get damaged.

The Kind of Dirt

Most of the time, you should only use California sweeping machine rental when something is on the floor. Still, small solid pieces of trash can be found on warehouse floors, for example. In this case, using a cylindrical scrubber dryer makes it easier to pick up the trash while scrubbing the floor.

Floor Scrubber Deck Type

In essence, there are three types of decks:

  • A disc deck can have one, two, or more disc brushes. The single disc is the most common because its pads are easy to find in stores. The double-disc version is different because it directs water to the middle of the machine, where there is the most suction power. This makes less splashing on the sides.
  • A Cylindrical deck is best for picking up small debris because the brushes turn faster and pick up floor sweeps better. The deck with two cylindrical brushes is much better than the deck with just one.
  • The Orbital deck is a technology that has been very successful recently. It has great performance and uses less energy and materials. The oscillating pad action, which is around 2000 RPM, does a great job of cleaning, and if you use the right accessories, you can also keep the floor shiny.


Comac is always making its products more comfortable to use. When buying a floor scrubber, keep in mind that it must be easy and convenient to use, since the operator will be using it every day.


Some floor scrubbers have a lot of features you may not need, but there are other features you should look for. For example, if you have a fleet of machines at different sites that you need to keep track of, you can choose a Comac scrubber with the CFC – Comac Fleet Care system.

Battery and charger for the battery

If you choose a floor scrubber that runs on batteries, you won’t have to plug it into an outlet while you’re using it. Scrubbers that run on batteries can be used anywhere. Because of this, don’t forget to check that the machine has batteries that don’t need to be maintained and an onboard battery charger.